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The Hill Country is one of the most treasured and sought-after areas in the Lone Star State. From its rich and vast resources to iconic views, it’s no wonder why so many investors and business owners flock to the region to establish residential communities, commercial businesses, retail centers, and industrial complexes. Serving the Hill Country for several decades, Greg Richards feels fortunate to play a strategic role in ensuring his clients experience smooth and sound real estate transactions. He provides sound legal assistance for all phases of the real estate life cycle, including:








Sale of commercial, farm, and mixed used properties

Formation of limited partnerships with connections to mixed use developments

While many view real estate transactions and services solely as business deals, Greg sees them as an investment in the community. By taking the time to meet with business owners and truly understand their needs and vision for their real estate, he can establish efficient and cost-effective strategies to reach important milestones. To Greg, it is crucial to provide well-rounded and personable counsel focused on each client’s individual needs.

Real estate law can be technical and complex due to matters such as deeds, titles, liens, financing, zoning laws, and taxation. In addition the various real estate legal matters that can arise, clients may also require legal representation in front of city officials. A key component in serving his Hill Country clients is advocating for the success of business owners’ ventures. Working with a seasoned real estate attorney such as Greg minimizes client concerns, as he carefully handles each and every transaction as if it were his own.

Acquisitions and Disposition Services

Real estate acquisitions and dispositions can easily turn complex with financial and environmental issues arising at any moment. Greg combines his market knowledge with years of proven legal success to provide innovative strategies and effective counsel to his clients. The success of an acquisition or disposition can depend upon the ability to carefully review, draft, and negotiate contracts. These significant real estate transactions can hinge upon ensuring proper financial documents are in place as well as ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental codes and zoning laws. Greg can provide counsel on a variety of real estate acquisitions and dispositions, including:



Commercial properties

Mixed-use properties



With rolling hills and luscious views, it’s no surprise land development in the Hill Country is sought after. Greg successfully facilitates sound transactions for a variety of real estate development ventures that comply with local, state, and federal laws. He effectively communicates with the numerous parties often involved in the real estate development process while streamlining services to meet crucial deadlines.

The development phase requires the drafting and signing of many documents before construction can even break ground. Such documents can include: financing for construction and commercial use, documents addressing organizational structure, statutory compliance, custom construction and sale contracts, and any public or private agreements regarding the infrastructure of the development project.


As unique as the Hill Country is, so are the real estate assets that make up its commercial and residential landscape. Each real estate asset comes with its own needs and is governed by its own set of regulations when entering the construction phase. When clients need a lawyer to ensure engineers and architects will satisfy the needs of the project, Greg calls upon his construction experience to draft, review, and finalize relevant documents such as:

Architectural plans

Engineering specifications

Contracts between contractors and subcontractors

Material supply agreements

Nonpayment agreements


Legal counsel is critical during construction due in part to the number parties necessary to complete a project. Understanding your rights as a business owner can help you get compensated for your work and vice versa. When entering bids, estimates, and change orders, it is important to review all related documents to ensure fair compensation and so projects can maintain their budgets and schedules.


Once a project is completed, its success is often a reflection of the management team and its financial decisions regarding the property. Greg Richards has drafted hundreds of commercial and residential leasing and management agreements designed to ensure all parties are taken care of. Greg can also assist his clients with coordination with management personnel.

Being without adequate legal representation during any point in the real estate life cycle can result in catastrophic problems that can cost an investor a project. In a real estate transaction, it is in the best best interest of everyone involved to have a real estate attorney retained to minimize risk and maximize opportunity. Greg works with his clients to achieve the joint goal of any real estate transaction – a smooth process with limited hiccups that cause delays and require additional funds. Greg utilizes his decades of experience to facilitate a positive outcome for all parties involves.

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